How to Purrfectly Incorporate Your Cats In Your Wedding

Why should dogs have all the fun? Cats should get a spotlight too. Granted, there are some cats that would not be very happy walking down the isle. While, others maybe better on a leash than some dogs we know. Let's just say there are many different ways you can incorporate your cat, if you really want to. Check them out:

Let's starts with the basics:

The first thing every couple needs is to make sure their guests 'save the big day'. What better way to do that, than including your four legged companion.

There are so many photo ideas where they can be included. You can do the kitty save the dates with photos, cartoons, pictures and or drawings.

These are some cool companies that can help you with that:

Adding them in the invitations too can be adorable!

Cats as Cake Toppers

Cake toppers: there are many cute ways you can have your cat front and center.

Cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to have them looking as authentic as possible, think about the price, weight and material.

  • Cat Cake toppers can be made out of fondant. Make sure you ask if your baker can make figures out of cake and the price for those. Some good advice is seeing samples, this way you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • Cake toppers can also be made out of acrylic. Etsy has some vendors that can personalize it with particular breed dog. Check these out for more ideas: Etsy Cat Cake Toppers.

  • Another great way you can find your special cake topper is looking in toys stores or specialty stores like Michaels. They can also be found as collectibles on amazon for example. Lastly, don't forget that there are stores like that produce resin figurines in the shapes of dogs and cats. Although they are ornaments they can easily be used as decor for your cake, just remove the scarves.

  • Lastly, but not the most cost effective is 3-D printing. There are many companies that will make figurines of you and your family with a 3-D printer. They are not cheap, but they will probably end up as one of your keepsakes. So why not splurge a little. has some cute ideas. The cake might not last long but these figurines definitely will.

Cat Inspired Wedding Ideas

If you are one of those super passionate about kitties. Then you might want to consider surprising your guests with some of these. Sure, some might not get it, but those that do will have a great laugh.

Images by Happily and photographer Josh Madson

Lastly, let us not forget that cats are just as photogenic as dogs. How about instead of a bouquet, some kitties!

What would a wedding day be without the best cat? You have to admit they look quite dashing with their ties.

Images by Happily and photographer Josh Madson

Lastly, something we couldn't forget.


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