Pets At Weddings- A Rise in Popularity

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

There are more than 130 million pet owners in the United States. So, it's no surprise that more and more people are having their beloved fur baby attend their wedding. Weddings are celebrations that include the whole family and many treat these beloved fur babies as part of the family.

Many Include their Canine Companions

Dogs make great ring bearers

There are so many roles they can play from doggie ring bearers, to best-canines or flower pups. They are getting the vip spots, front and center. Weddings have gone from the traditional church weddings to very personalized celebrations of love and family. For many including their animals is as important as including their bridesmaids and groomsmen. According to Wedding Wire more than 10% of weddings included pets in one form or the other. In 2018 there were more than 30,000 Etsy's search results for 'pet wedding'.

More than 50% of all households in the United States own at least one dog. So, having a dog participate at the wedding is quite likely, in comparison to cats, horses, birds or other pets. Logistically speaking it is also easier.

How do you start planning to include your wedding pet?

First and foremost, you need to make sure you ask the venue if there is a problem with a pet attending a wedding. Some venues can be quite picky. Companies that help you take care of wedding pet logistics are becoming very popular and can also guide you in terms of pet-friendly venues. Furever Us in South Florida- is a company dedicated exclusively to wedding pets. They help you navigate the confusing terrain of including your pet. They take care of the pet before, during and after ceremony. They can provide you with outfits, logistics, props, ideas... anything to help your fur baby feel comfortable and look their best. Best part you will not have to worry about your beloved wedding pet.

Once you know that you want to include them in the wedding. The rest is easy. Hiring a service like Furever Us, will allow you to have a stress free wedding. You will then be part of the growing number of people that include their wedding pet.

Best Pup

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